Yes, I speek english!

Hi, I am Chantale Beaumont from Québec, Canada. I am happy to have the ability to help you on your personal growth in english as well as in french.

I am a person who has discovered that it is possible to transform one's life; to become the hero instead of remaining in the victim role. The state of serenity that comes out of that, leads to see life as a great gift and enjoy every part of it, even in hard times. Knowing from experience that the pain of living in forgetfulness of self can lead to sickness and physical suffering, I have chosen to share my knowledge in this matter by becoming a Guide of inner freedom.


You are tired, always sick, you go from one injury to another constantly, you do not know how to access the joy of life and you have the impression to relive always the same boring and suffering stories! By offering you enlightenment accompaniment to the conscience through conferences or in private consultation, I lead you to observe you, to listen to you, to discover you and especially to love and respect you.


My main goal is to bring you to a personal awareness, to give you a different vision of your life by changing your perception. By respecting your degree of evolution and your learning pace, I will be able to guide you and help you to grow on your own.
For me, the simple fact of accepting to need help, to give oneself the right to reach for it, constitutes a huge step and gives me a great esteem for you, BRAVO! Allow me to help you in your personal journey in respect of your needs and limits and to bring you to the inner liberation and the happiness of living in the LOVE of LIFE.



Since I'm just beginning on producing the english section of my website there is not much to see yet.

You may subscribe to my newsletter to be aware of the new content on it's release.

Since, for now I'm only going on french events, I will do my best to produce english videos as soon as possible for you to have at least as much help as I can give that way. By subscribing to my newsletter, you will be informed on new videos to be seen either on my YouTube channel or right here on my website!


Here are the differents themes on which I chose to help people :


     - Personnal growth (free your inner self, get to know and understand your EGO, get rid of stress, gain on confidence, much more...)

     - Victim of sexual assault

     - Emotional instability

     - Hypersensitivity

     - Family relationships


You may contact me by phone or email for more details or to get an appointment




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